Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Seeker

Chief Wolf Robe Rendition
Acrylic Painting

The canvas seems to be choosing its own characters and scenes.  In the beginning I would decide, and then slave over it.  Strangely, now that I have returned back to the artist within, the painting chooses me.  I have a new understanding of creating from my soul.  This is the beginning of something new.  a different doorway, and I'm enjoying how liberating it feels.  I'm being drawn to horses, and feel a strong pull towards Native American scenes.  Lately I've been experiencing Indians in my thoughts and visions...., I can't explain it.  there is something very symbolic about them.  At times I hear songs of tribes that come from my heart.  it is a connection that can only be spiritual.  I'm open to knowing, open to seeing beyond what I have before.

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