Thursday, April 24, 2008


I've a fond memory of watching movies with my Dad. He taught me the art of discernment. To always look ahead, and to perpetually be aware of what is coming next. He taught me to see the foreshadow in film. "Did you see it.?" He'd say, "did you see it?"

I'm a lover of words, and short stories. Eugene Fields & Mark Twain are my favorite story tellers. It is as if they enter the room when I read their words. Eugene tickles my feet, and Mr. Twain.... Well, I recognize the aroma of his freshly packed pipe.

I wrote a series of short stories seven years ago. The writer in me hit an iceberg and I've not written stories since. My characters have been nudging me to come out and play, so I believe I will return to them some peaceful day. I don't know exactly how or when. The moment I do know.... I fear they may leave me.


Robynsart said...

Dearest GG... they will not leave you because they ARE you. Sit quietly and be very still... they will come out to play.

Robynsart said...
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