Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Innocent

#2 in a series of 10 Mystic Inspired Paintings 
It's not easy to define the term mysticism. There is a shroud of silence and secrecy hidden within the historical walls of the Mystic's existence. The mystery and intrigue that prevails has lead me to paint the faces of some mysterious women.
This is a very unique mixed media painting inspired by Saint Maria Goretti.  It started with cutting  the scarf out of paper and mounting it to a wood board.  The face came next.  After applying a clear glaze acrylic medium over the paper the real painting began. I wanted to depict not only her innocence, but her strength...  I wanted her voice to be heard. 

A small life.....

My ode to the wee little mouse.  Some say rodent, and others... rat. 
Can you imagine being so feared and hated?  Even the elephant runs at the sight of the little creature.  My lady cat Dosha will play with one until it dies....  my guess is a heart attack.  No hint of blood, or eternal injury...  just pure fright.  I think a quote from Richard Adam's Novel Watership Down best sums it up for the mouse.
"Whenever they catch you, they will kill you.  But first they must catch you."