Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Say hello to my little friend!"

Jake & Ayden. TWO-OF-A-KIND!! 7/09
Jake brought home a new friend about a year ago, and I can't express what a joy it has been getting to know him. Though neither of them  are teacher's pets...... Understandably. I on the other hand being a visionary kind of parent have had to look on the inside too see out. Let me tell you about his little friend. He has this amazing sense of humor.... One-of-a-kind actually. He should write comedy for a living. I for one appreciate his sense of originality in his choice of clothes. One day he will be wearing a Polo shirt with plaid flannel shorts, the next a zombie t-shirt with a nice pear of black slacks. You just never know with this kid. He keeps me wondering what he's going to be wearing from one day to the next. Jake is attracted to good hearted people. Sometimes he may bring home a Raggedy Ann, or Andy but I can see that big red heart painted on their chest under their tattered shirts.

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