Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sir. Oliver

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My newest work as of Monday MLK Day 2013.  After this completion I showed the painting to my son and asked him to give the happy little creature a name.  To my surprise he took this request quite seriously.  I expected a quick answer from my 18 year old son whom has an incredible quick witted sense of humor, and can come up with his own comedic lines at the drop of a hat.  So that being said, Jake studied the painting with a thoughtful considerate eye.  He looked up at me and said quite matter of factly, "Nicholas."  I replied, "Okay then.... Nicholas it is.  About an hour later he approached me and said, "His name should be Oliver."   Jake's eyes were filled with such intensity I don't believe I can ever forget that moment.  So with the help of my loving child I've honorably titled the baby goat "Sir. Oliver."

Friday, January 18, 2013