Sunday, October 21, 2012



 Reflecting back on my childhood I remember feeling uninhibited.  I loved the exhilaration of feeling worlds above the ground, or water.  Running long distance gave me a feeling of empowerment....  As if I had super human powers.  Catching snakes was especially exciting.  I particularly liked the the texture of their scales, and was fascinated with how fast they could whip there tongues out of their mouth.  Riding my bike at high speed down hills gave me wings.  However the reality of hitting the hard pavement was a quick reminder that I really couldn't fly.  I discovered that mud pies really did taste as bad as my mother told me they would, but she was wrong when she said "You're going to turn into a fish if you stay in the water too long." It didn't matter how cold the water was....   I was going in!  It didn't matter how hot the sun was, I was determined to get a tan.  Now that I am a wrinkled grown up I regret using baby oil on my delicate skin and literally baking for hours in the sun.  Three bouts with skin cancer and and a map of scars on my body is definitely enough of a warning to use sunscreen and avoid the beach. 

Sadly, now I'm afraid of heights and riding a bike.  Running is a chore, mud pies evolved into a delicious flavor of chocolate ice cream.  Snakes are still cool, but swimming in cold water isn't on my Fun List.  Sometimes I miss the fearless mischievous me. 

 A wise man once said, "To be truly uninhibited is a rare grace." (Deng Ming-Dao)     

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