Thursday, July 26, 2012


24" x 24" Acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Insomnia has plagued me since I was five years old.  Now that I'm in my pre-menopausal 40's sleepless nights have only become more severe... and thus leads me to why I am blogging spontaneously at 1:58 am this morning to search Google for natural sleep remedies.  CHERRIES, can you believe it?  Yep, packed full of natural Melatonin.  Also, a fresh  cup of cherries has the capacity to carry 4,873 antioxidants.  If you're up to binging on a bowl full of cherries they are also natural pain reliever, and studies show they help arthritis sufferers.  These red little sweeties are also good for the health of your heart and brain.    So maybe there is some truth to that old phrase
 "Life is a bowl of cherries."


helen said...

Red tart cherries are suppose to be the best for us!

dianne said...

Your cherry painting is lovely. I know that fruits and vegetables contain many compounds which have health benefits, I did not know that cherries were so good for us and they taste great too.
xoxoxo ♡

Teffany's Art And Soul said...

Thank you girls for you're comments. Yah, It's funny how this tid-bit of knowledge has affected my visual perception of cherries. The last time I was shopping in my local produce department and spotted the fruity red cherries, I immediately had this subliminal message speaking to my brain about the benefits of a bowl full of the little red sweeties.