Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kitty's Day At The Spa


Once upon a time, Kitty came upon an unsuspecting skunk on one of his afternoon journeys, and returned home looking as though he'd been caught in an angry wind. He slowly licked his battle wounds and could not hide the fragrance of shame his enemy had left behind. Unfortunately his new scent was not met with any applauds, and so he had to remain outside. After a few days I could no longer stand his sad little face looking at me with such abandonment from the back door window that I decided to invite him in for a day at the spa. My husband assured me that Kitty trusts and loves me most of all, and I was the only one to attempt this act of what I could only interpret as treason. I was afraid Kitty would never again return home after such treatment, but tarried onward. To my surprise he aloud me to bathe him. A pitiful look of contempt hung on his face, but never the less obliged my request with as much dignity as he could muster under the circumstance. At one point I thought he'd decided that he'd had enough water torture and was protesting when he lifted his body up out of the sink and reached for my neck. Instead he wrapped his dripping arms around my shoulders, nestled his head under my chin as he aloud me to wash his chest and stomach. All the while I spoke softly to him, telling him how pretty he is, how he's mommy's luvee and what a good-good kitty he is. Miracles do happen, and it is true acts of love that have the power to bring them to pass. I learned something about faith that afternoon, and the strength it gives us to face our fears........

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